Resources for Grades 3 - 9


Web Resources
Grades 3 - 9 Language Arts

Language Arts

Flat Stanley - read the story and then help your students create Flat Stanleys to send out and travel the world
Wacky Web Tales - Gr. 3 and up - have fun creating poems and stories while learning parts of speech
Teaching With Folklore - folklore resources for Grades 1 - 6
Minds Eye Monster Exchange - use descriptive writing for this email project
Literature Resources - links for authors, illustrators and novel studies
The Reading Village
Patti's Early Literacy Electronic Classroom - interactive activities for literacy designed for K - 3
Gail's and Rhoda's Electronic Classroom - interactive Language Arts activities and novel studies for Grades 4 - 7
On-line Learning Activities Registry Search - check the Filamentality registry for themed Hotlists, Treasure Hunts, Web Samplers and WebQuests
Online e-Magazines for Kids- reading ahead!
Puzzlemaker - students and teachers can create puzzles
A Ticket To Curlew - hotlist on the author and background information of the prairie

Writing Resources

Writing with Writers from Scholastic - participate in workshops and submit writing
KidWriters Writing Studio
International Kids' Space - Younger students can submit drawings and writing to this neat site.
Storybook Online Network - Kids can contribute to continuing stories, read original stories, listen to stories, critically analyze music videos, and lots more.
Writer's Window- Students are invited to critique writing, submit writing, join a continuous story, correspond about writing, and more.
Book Review Forum- This project allows students to read a book, write an evaluation, and post the review to a website.

Student Forums for Book Reviews

Building Rainbows
Appleton Wisconsin Charter School - submit your review by email

French Resources

Radio Canada
Hotlist from Jacinthe Hodgson